Will Machine Ever Rule The World?

Imagine a time ⏲️ far in the future where intelligent robots 🤖️ are ruling the world! Humans have been defeated and are now working for robots without any pay.

There are a few remaining pockets of human resistance against robots all over the world but they are fast being destroyed 💣️. Humans have lost the war against technology and now there is no hope in sight!!!

Does this sound like a science fiction movie? 🎥️ That’s because it is! This is more likely to be the story of a science fiction movie and not the actual future reality.

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The rise of smart, intelligent, and human machines – like machines 🌐️ that make up the majority of the workforce in the US, China, and other countries – has sparked a debate about the future of human civilization and the role of robots in it.

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Given the ongoing debate, we see five reasons why robots will not rule the world of the future.

1. Robots Will be Too Expensive to Implement WorldWide 🌍️

If robots were to rule over the whole world in the future, the first assumption is that they would be available everywhere in the whole world. And let me assure you, the world is too large for that to happen easily!!! Robots with artificial intelligence are expensive (the research budgets are in billions currently and they may reduce in the future but by how much?) and it would only make sense to use them in areas where the profits outweigh the costs. So while robots would be used in many fields all over the world, there is no chance they would be EVERYWHERE.

How do you think humans are currently ruling over different countries? Well, the process is called an election and the ruler is called the President!!! So, the only way intelligent robots can take over the world in this system without having an all-out war with humans is by using legal powers. And they won’t have any!!! Robots (even intelligent ones) are only machines and they won’t have human rights like the right to own property, the right to own companies, the right to vote, etc.

3. Robots Cannot Win a War Against The Whole World

Now you might be thinking that if robots cannot rule the world through legal power, they might decide to have a full-on war with humans. And science fiction movies have even encouraged that thinking! Rest assured, that is never going to happen!!! If you look at history, there is no army that has managed to totally rule over the world ever. Humans love being independent and they don’t let anyone take them over easily.

4. Robots Cannot Take Over All The Jobs 👨‍🌾️

Even if you don’t consider Economics like in point 1, then also Smart Robots cannot possibly take over all the jobs in the world. Most of the creative jobs are safe from robots. Think about it! The value in most art is that it was created by humans. It has feelings and emotions that we can identify with and that makes it valuable. Would you still feel the same way about Mona Lisa if you knew it was created by a robot?

5. Why Would Robots Even Want to Rule the World?

If we assume that the far future will have super-intelligent, highly evolved robots, then the main question is why would they even want to rule over the world? Are we simply imprinting our own desires on machines and imagining that they will also want the same thing all humans do? POWER. Well, if the robots are actually intelligent, why would they want to deal with the complexity of first conquering the whole world and then handling all the human rebellions that would occur?

In fact, Robots may even decide to help humans and make this world a better place. They may even decide to use their super-intelligence to solve the problems that humans are facing like global warming, the refugee crisis, world hunger 😱️, etc. Another major point is that robots don’t even need the basic things that humans require such as food, water, oxygen, etc. So why would they even want to bother with conquering Earth when they can just leave and go to any place they desire. Even the sky is not the limit for robots in the future!!!

End is near? 🤖️

Machine learning and artificial intelligence may take the lead on the planet in the near future, but this is not a doomsday scenario. It is a technology-driven, progressive world that is moving, and it is a world that is technology-driven and is moving towards progress.

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We can think about science fiction topics such as the future permeated by artificial intelligence and robotic systems, or perhaps more realistically: the future depends on machine learning, where a variety of physical applications are fulfilled. According to the US Department of Energy, AI will get better and smarter, and machines will be exponentially smarter by 2030 🧠️.

Who decides to rule the world?

Will people decide what AI should do, or will AI decide for itself? 🤢️ Our view of whether AI will conquer the world will clearly depend on whether we believe we can develop intelligent behavior that surpasses that of humans, something called superintelligence.

By 2030, AI is expected to be more powerful than it is now, “said Dr. Richard Branson, director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at Cambridge University”.

End Note

Artificial intelligence has become a technological advance, but machines are still a long way from what the human brain can do. Recent achievements in artificial intelligence have mimicked human intelligence 😂️, and we are also making progress in making our species much more effective.

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While AI tools provide companies with a range of new functionalities, the use of artificial intelligence raises ethical questions, because AI systems, for better or worse, will reinforce what they have already learned.

We have come a long way since the dawn of machine learning in the 1950s and 1960s, but machines are still far less intelligent than what human brains 🧠️ can do, and recent advances in AI technology have also enabled us to make more efficient and accurate predictions about the world’s future.


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