Our working relationship is unpleasant and ineffective.

If you’re a creator, a startup founder, or want to build an online personal brand, the answer is almost certainly “far too many.”

If you’re a typical software developer, the answer is definitely “too many.”

Why has it become the norm for our jobs, professions, and lives to be consumed by them? What makes you think this is going to last?

A tech-obsessed entrepreneur’s epiphany

I’ve only recently accepted myself and my relationship with technology. TLDR: The way I balanced my personal and professional lives was unhealthy.

I’m only writing this essay because I’ve recognized I need to carve out time in my schedule for things other than work.

Who will look after my Stardew Valley farm or play Genshin Impact with all of my daily resin? If I don’t set aside time to write a book or maintain a blog, how can I ever achieve my goals?

“Nobody” and “I won’t” are the responses. Work, on the other hand, is my master and the reason for my existence. This was my epiphany: I’m squandering my life by devoting it entirely to work, and in the process, I’m making it more difficult for me to find the motivation to be creative and find consolation in my work.

And the thing that binds me the most is the technology I’m surrounded with. My phone, my laptop, and my apps. The internet provides us with superpowers, but it also connects us in both positive and terrible ways.

Resolving to live once more

As a result of this understanding, I knew I needed to improve the conditions of my life’s rental agreement.

So that’s what I’m up to right now.

I’m committed to living again, to blogging again, to waking up ready to take on the day’s difficulties – because, at 6 p.m., I’ll clock out and play video games, talk to my partner, and possibly watch anything till 2 a.m.

I’ll still be online, but I’ll be more conscious of my hyper-connectivity and establish new, healthy boundaries.

The Reader’s Takeaways

What is your working relationship like? How do you want it to appear?

Are you satisfied with your job if you work all the time? Are you happy with your life if you don’t have any hobbies?

I believe it boils down to what you believe your life’s purpose is and what you hope to accomplish.

I appreciate everyone’s choices in life but remember that if you work all the time, you’ll eventually burn out. Our batteries do not endure indefinitely; we must recharge them at some point.

Find your balance and take a few deep breaths every now and then.

If you enjoyed this essay, please do one thing for me tonight: find something to do for a few hours and turn off your computer. Set your communication platforms to Dungeons & Dragons and spend a few minutes to ground yourself.

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