Myntra Live Commerce: An Overview

Is it possible that the convenience of shopping for garments online will persuade Indians to abandon the “try-before-you-buy” mentality?

That was the wager made by Myntra in 2011. It had just shifted its focus from customized gifts to fashion. And it was successful. Myntra became India’s leading online fashion portal in just a few years.

Flipkart came calling in 2013. It wants to expand its fashion portfolio, so it bought Myntra. Myntra, on the other hand, continued to iterate.

It transitioned from an inventory-led approach, in which they purchased garments from manufacturers before reselling them, to a marketplace model, in which over 3000 businesses could utilize the Myntra platform to present their offerings to buyers.

It collaborated with Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan to promote exclusive products (HRX). Mast & Harbour are two of its own private label brands.

To further build its Bollywood cred, it partnered with superstars such as Deepika Padukone (All About You) and Saif Ali Khan (House of Pataudi).

As you can see, Myntra is always improving its game. And it’s seeking to shake things up again with a new concept — influencer-led live commerce — that’s the basis of today’s discussion.

Live commerce is the shiny new thing that everyone is talking about these days. Assume you’re on YouTube or Instagram, watching your favorite influencer. You’re marveling at their stunning gown and can’t seem to take your gaze away from it.

You want to buy it right away, but the hassle of searching for it on Google puts you off completely. It’s a chore, so you drop the notion entirely. This, however, does not have to be the case.

You’d buy anything right away if the influencer could just show you the merchandise and lead you to a payment method. And if you don’t trust the power these influencers wield, consider the following statistic.

On the live stream, influencers began nagging viewers to buy things, and it was an instant hit. Conversions began to skyrocket. Before live commerce, influencers would direct their followers to a specific website to complete the transaction. Most individuals, obviously, would not want to leave the website.

Flipkart, Myntra’s parent firm, has joined in the fun. It just teamed up with Moj, a short video platform, to enable live commerce. So, if you’re watching an influencer on Moj, you can now purchase tagged products on Flipkart’s site with a single click.

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