Cartrade IPO Allotment Status: In-depth Review

Cartrade IPO Share Allocation Date Probably August 17, 2021 Today the IPO Allocation Date is a provisional date and can be changed as needed. Cartrade IPO is now available, you can apply for the IPO today (August 16, 2021) and the last application date is August 11, 2021. The Company will begin accepting subscriptions for its IPO from August 9, 2021, through August 11, 2021. 

The price range of 16.18 rupees per share is the highest bid for the IPO. According to the price range, the IPO will bring in 299,851 rupees at the top end. The 18,53,221,216 shares will be offered for sale as part of the original share sale.

Chanakya Subscription Status Review Cartrade Tech is one of the multinational technology companies founded in 2000. Cartrade Auto, a classified portal, has submitted its draft prospectus for an IPO INR 8,250 crore on May 15, 2021.

Mumbai-based Carttrade Tech Limited has submitted a draft IPO of 12,352,811 shares to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for May 15, 2021. The IPO will involve a fresh offer to sell 12,358,411 shares to the promoters.

There are many people who have been waiting for the IPO of Carttrade Tech and want to buy as many shares as possible. As you know, the IPO of Carttrades will take place for 299.85 crore rupees and the largest number of shares that will be available on the market on August 9 will be 853 million.

Retail investors are allowed to invest a maximum of 2 billion rupees in IPOs. The type of offer is based on the allocation to qualified institutional buyers (75% equivalent), non-institutional investors (15% equivalent), and retail traders (10% equivalent) at a minimum level of 1 lot based on shareholder availability. Shares issued to unauthorized investors will be refunded on Wednesday

Good deals are well valued during IPO season, and Cartrade is no exception. At the upper end of the price range, Carttrades “IPO price is 7.3 times higher than FY21 post-issue EPS. Taking into account tax credits and adjusted earnings, the IPO price would be 21.0 times earnings per share.

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